How To Find Niches

How To Find Niches – What is a Niche?

How To Find Niches

How To Find Niches


To help you figure out how to find niches, you must first understand what a niche is. A niche is defined as the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing. You can be even more specific and define many micro niches within the niche market.

Market = Finance
Niche Market = Investors
Micro Niche = Home builders, real estate flippers, etc…

Market = Footwear
Niche Market = Athletic footwear
Micro Niche = Running shoes, men’s running shoes etc…

How To Find Niches – The First Step

Once you have decided on the market you are going to focus on, do a Google search (or other search engines) and use your market as your keyword. You will find thousands of posts. Read through a few of the results and write down any ideas that are specific areas in your original market. This is “how to find niches” using a search engine. You will want to write each niche idea on a separate piece of paper or a separate file in your computer as the next step will add micro niches to each of those niche market terms.

How To Find Niches – The Second Step

Now you want to find out how to find niches using a more in depth tool than just the basic search engine. I recommend using the Google Keyword Research Tool. It is completely free to use. If you do not sign-up, you will get 100 results per search. If you do sign up for a free Google AdWords account, you will get 800 results at no cost. This is how to find niches quickly. Take the niche words you wrote down, and one at a time use the Google Keyword Research tool to create a much more detailed list of the micro niches within each niche that you searched. You will likely find that not all of the 800 results are niche and micro niche keywords that you want to use. Depending upon what marketing techniques you plan to use with your niche keywords, you may want to arrange your list in the order that you plan to use each niche keyword.

How To Find Niches – The Third Step

Now that you have discovered how to dig deep into your niche and find micro niche keywords, you need to check the competition for each term. You can look at the search results in the Google Keyword Tool and get an idea of the number of monthly searches for that particular word or phrase. There are programs available to simplify this process such as Market Samurai and SEO Quake. These programs will help you see how to find niches that you will actually be able to compete for, rather than wasting time trying to market a keyword that you do not have a chance of ranking for.

How To Find Niches – The Automatic Way

You have now learned the 3 basic steps of how to find niches. If you implement and use the steps outlined above you will be off to a great start. By doing all of the work manually you can do it for very little cost, but it will take many many hours of research and note taking. There is a program I found called Micro Niche Finder which will do all of the hard work outlined above and much more in a matter of seconds. I am a firm believer that my time is more valuable than anything else, so I always try to use programs and systems that will automate whatever I can without compromising quality. Using a program like Micro Niche Finder will save you tremendous amounts of time, and it is relatively inexpensive, so be sure to check it out.

As you have learned how to find niches, and consider automating the process, you can see the tremendous benefits of marketing to a niche rather than to a broad market. People search for specific items or services and do not usually search the broad topic. I hope this has helped you know how to find niches, and that you will start immediately. Do not put things off until tomorrow because you may never find time to get to them at all.

Blessings and happy marketing!!