Micro Niches – Generating Leads Without Breaking the Bank

Techniques of Generating Leads for your Micro Niches

Micro niches depend on leads. Without leads, your business will never take off at all. Leads can be difficult to come by unless, right from the first day, you learn how to research different niche markets, and turn them into micro niches

There are lots of places where you could purchase leads online, but the majority of the time this is a waste of money because these leads are gathered from everywhere and may not be target specific for your micro niche.

Of course, if you have tons of money, you could always hire an MLM lead generation company to do it all for you. It may seem sensible if the product you’re offering generates a giant profit, such as $1000 per unit. With a high paid system you might secure a qualified lead for $10, but competition for anything that pays a $1000 commission is going to be stiff, and you’ll have to be an extraordinarily good closer. This is part of the beauty of micro niche marketing. You can narrow your market focus and compete for less expensive keywords.

Problem is, few network marketers are selling anything that grosses a $1000 commission or profit, so the smaller the profit on a product becomes, the less you’d be ready to spend on purchasing leads. The less you spend, the worse the leads. By narrowing your search to a micro niche level, you can often find long tail keywords with very little competition that are not expensive to be successful with.

So now what to do? Learn How to Generate Your Own Micro Niches Leads

The sole way to be successful and to keep costs to a minimum when starting is by learning how to generate your own micro niches leads. You will need a system, such as Micro Niche Finder, that automates most of the process for you, effectively and efficiently.

Marketing to your micro niches isn’t about trying to force people to buy your product or service, it’s about helping people with their needs and issues. Your goal is essentially becoming a coach or role model to them, and providing the solution to their particular need.

Once you find someone that needs some help, you simply form a relationship with that prospect, and after a while introduce your product to them. This is using the method of attraction marketing, which is an extremely successful and effective model for doing business.

Micro Niches

Search Deep For Your Micro Niches

Finding Your Micro Niches

Do keyword research using Google Keyword Research Tool (or other keyword research tools of your choosing). Find your niche, then dig deep into your niche and look for “micro niches”, which are very specific. For example; Rather than the niche of “Shoes”, you may find yourself on the micro niche level with terms like “leather running shoes”, or “women’s cross training shoes”.

As I said earlier, you can spend countless hours doing all of the research yourself, or you can purchase a reasonably priced tool such as Micro Niche Finder, that will take only seconds to dig into the niche and give you the micro niches you need. To find out more about Micro Niche Finder, click here. While I enjoy researching and learning about the products and services I offer, I also like to find tools that do mos of the work for me. The reason I work online is to have the time to do what I want to, and not be stuck at the computer 24/7.

Income From The Internet – 4 Tips To Your Success

Income From The Internet – A Simple How-To

Making an income from the internet involves more than just building web sites and hoping that people find the site and be interested. In today’s post I will focus on website content and article content.

Income From The Internet

Income From The Internet

Income From The Internet – Tip 1 – Selecting Keywords

It is important for your web site to have keywords. If you sell products like shoes, and make ’shoes’ the keyword, you will find that there are uncountable millions of results that will show up if you Google (or use other search engines) to search for ‘shoes’. You need to use long tail keywords. When I first started learning to make an income from the internet, I was told about long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are essential phrases which are used to simplify search, and be more specific. Rather than ‘shoes’ for the keyword, if you use ’leather sneakers’ or ‘cross training shoes’ as the key-phrase, you will get better results. Keywords that have long tails are terribly important. Search engines like Google provide keyword tools that are free to use. These tools are important when hunting for particular key phrases.

If you put in the words “leather shoes”, Google will display a list of phrases built around that phrase and also tell you how often a selected phrase is used on a monthly basis.
It’s a good free tool to begin with, but there is much more to keyword research than just looking at suggested keywords. I recommend using a program such as Income Fitness that will help you to automate your efforts and give you step-by-step instructions on what to do next. The Google keyword tool will return phrases like “red leather shoes”, “where to buy leather shoes” etc…, and it’s your decision to decide which long-tail keyword phrases to use. It is best to go for somewhere in the mid range of search phrases, say 3,000 to 6,000 / month. Any search quantity over 6,000 will likely have too much competition Your ultimate goal is to get on page one of Google’s search results which is not very easy.

Income From The Internet – Tip 2 – Writing Using Keywords

Google likes websites that are regularly updated and contain appropriate content. If you are serious about making an income from the internet, you need to keep your website fresh. You should get into the habit of writing at least a five hundred word article every few days. Be sure the article has your keyword or keyword phrase used an average of 1-3% of the total number of words. Use your keywords within the first few words of your beginning paragraph and again in the closing paragraph. Depending on the length of the article, use the phrase a couple of times more. If you are doing advertising through Google Adwords, this can also help Google to give you much tighter targeted advertising to your website.

Income From The Internet – Tip 3 – Backlinks

Backlinks are vital and they are thought of as the curse of website owners. Building topical backlinks isn’t a straightforward process. Although it is tempting, you should avoid purchasing backlinks from firms or companies as Google has information about backlinks that have been purchased. Making a great “income from the internet” will require you to learn and understand how many things work, such as Google search and index parameters. Google will definitely ignore such links as it determines ar purchased or “spam” type links, and might penalize you for using them.

Income From The Internet – Tip 4 – Article Marketing

Article marketing is an excellent way to get backlinks. Most article directory sites allow you to have at least one link out to your website, so again, you will have to be prepared to submit useful and relevant articles, either directly to an article marketing site, or thru a “hub” that will distribute your articles to several sites for you. This is usually not very expensive, and can certainly save you great amounts of time.

There are too many other techniques to get into in this post. As you know, I am all about automation to free-up my time to do more enjoyable things, and let the software do all of the tedious, slow work. To find out about a program that will automate your process and help you create a tremendous “income from the internet”, check out this program.

Attraction Marketing Training – Marketing Made Simple

Attraction Marketing Training – Basics

For me, attraction marketing has proven to be the most successful online endeavor. Network marketing will take great effort and hard work to be successful. Using tools and programs like Magnetic Sponsoring will simplify the attraction marketing training process by giving you a step-by-step plan of exactly what to do each step of the way.

Attraction Marketing Training – Tips

Try the products or services yourself before designing a marketing campaign for them. The main key to “attraction marketing training” is positioning yourself as someone who is knowligible in your field. In my opinion, every product or program has good and bad. Share the good and the bad with others. The sterotypical salesperson always highlights the positive aspects, and brushes away the negatives. Give honest information, which will not always be positive.

Becoming familiar with the programs or products you are offering will allow you to be able to identify useful qualities that could help you market them more effectively. You may also find that you are dissatisfied with some of the products, and then you need to ask yourself if this is a company you should be working, especially if you are not satisfied with much of what the company has to offer.

Another key element of attraction marketing training is how to promote yourself. While a purpose-built website is the network marketing ideal, making use of social networking sites can definitely get you started. A dynamic, well-written blog can also fill the bill. Maintaining a social networking presence, as well as your own website, would be very strategic options. If you have a presence on the internet you will expand your network. Remember that an eye-catching design and compelling content will earn visitor loyalty above all else, but the real goal is to have more content available that is NOT advertising, but helpful and useful information.

Attraction Marketing Training

Attraction Marketing Training Made Simple

Attraction Marketing Training – Key Elements

To maintain forward momentum in your network marketing endeavors, treat mistakes as learning opportunities. Analyze the cost of every mistake and determine what went wrong. Knowing your weaknesses is the only way to correct them. Always learn from your failures, and apply that knowledge to avoid the same mistakes in the future. Likewise, repeat those things that are successful. Believe me, not everything you are going to do will succeed, but you can certainly treat every failure as a learning event.

Another key element of attraction marketing training is to try to take an assertive role when involving yourself in network marketing. Creativity can lead to a large following and improve your overall reputation. Having a good, unique approach can get a lot of traffic coming in, and can even make you a leader among your competition. Do not copy someone, be original! Following the leaders in their efforts is smart, but duplicating their every move is not.

Think outside the proverbial “box” whenever you are writing copy. Leave no stone unturned! Be yourself when writing emails, blog posts, and articles. People want to get to know you, and once they do, they will follow you in whatever you are doing to be successful.

Your marketing should be based off of value. Right from the start, make clear what you are offering and its benefits. Ultimately, you want money and to serve your self-interests. Bear in mind that everyone wants to make a profit; you are not unique in this aspect. What can you do for them? In what way can you improve their lives? Get the information out there and make sure that they focus on it. Offer quality training and information.

It is crucial that you have a good understanding of the products you are selling. You cannot have potential customers and affiliates interested if you are not properly prepared to be passionate about it! Enthusiasm for everything you do is going to be a key component to achieving great network marketing skills.

One way to build your network marketing business is to read and share advice on internet forums. These forums can provide valuable tips and information on network marketing, and as a bonus, they are free. Look around online to find interesting forums that you can comfortably participate in to pick up suggestions.

So, as you have seen, it is true that network marketing requires a lot of research and a lot of work to start bringing in the profits. Attraction marketing training is not difficult if you follow the steps outlined. To make a serious change in your marketing efforts, and explode your attraction marketing, check out Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring. At the website, you can sign-up for an entire series of training lessons at absolutely no cost. It is something that you must work at consistently to see results. When you keep this information and our other tips in mind, there are huge profits to be gained!

Happy marketing!

MLM Lead Generation – The Key Secrets Revealed

How MLM Lead Generation works to produce leads fast and easy

It’s possible for MLM lead generation to get social marketing leads nearly anywhere these days, and if you are just starting out in network marketing, you will likely jump for joy. Yes it is a start, but internet marketing and getting MLM lead generation to work for you will take a lot of effort at the beginning. One of the best things you can do to help yourself get started is find a great lead generation system that has a built-in funded proposal system to help you make money while you are getting up and running and building your list of leads. There are many systems out there, but I have had excellent results with My Lead System Pro, which not only gives you the ability to generate many high-quailty leads, but also allows you to generate revenue while you are building your list.

MLM Lead Generation – A Funded Proposal System – Earn While you Learn

Making an small investment in a system like My Lead System Pro will get your internet marketing business off to a flying start. It will give you the opportunity to generate earnings while you are building your list – and that will take time. You are going to be offering your product or service online, so while you develop and build your blog or internet site and build traffic, MLSP can be working in the background for you. The funded proposal system will give you various income streams that will financilly support your business while you build your online presence, and let people get to know you and trust you.

MLM Lead Generation

MLM Lead Generation - Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing Fuels You MLM Lead Generation

By using attraction marketing, you can build a devoted following, and once you have gained a great reputation, you will soon find that others will come to you, rather than you chasing them down. People will have the opportunity to get to know you through your page on Facebook for your business, making some YouTube videos and answering questions about blogs and on forums related to your product or service.

By building trust and establishing yourself as someone who in knowlegible in your field, people will start coming to you, and viewing you as an expert in your field. At this point, your “MLM lead generation” will be on autopilot. A great way to build that trust is by giving out high quality information for free. If you host a blog, make sure you answer everyone’s questions directly and be courteous, whether or not someone’s being a extremely difficult.
Success is not going to happen overnight, and often entrepreneurs need some cashflow to keep you going. A system like My Lead System Pro will not only provide you with the MLM lead generation that you want and need, but will also give you multiple streams of income to keep you going until your main business builds and becomes sefl sufficient.

Closing is simple when your MLM lead generation provides you qualified leads

Some programs tell you that you must buy leads to be successful. In my experience, I have found that if you buy leads, you are often spending money to generate responses from people who will likely not buy anything you have to offer. There are too many companies and people on the web that sell old and recycled leads that rarely lead to anywhere apart from a dead end and a lot of disappointment and frustration. By using attraction marketing, you are using MLM lead generation techniques that are guaranteed to have extremely quailified leads that are interested in YOU first, then will be interested in what you are doing to be a success online. Once people start knowing and trusting you, they will follow you into whatever opportunity you are a part of, not because you are selling it to them, but because they have come to trust you and see you as a leader, even if you do not feel that you are. Think how much simpler it’s going to be for you to get that new prospect to enroll if they are already pre-sold on the whole idea, and they trust you.

The point is… there is no need to spend money on purchasing leads. What you will get is a bunch of work without anything to show for it. Learn how to use MLM lead generation to your advantage and you will be highly successful. Click here to find out how a program like My Lead System Pro can get you started generating quality leads and income as soon as today!

Microniche – 3 Critical Steps to Success

Microniche Marketing

If you have spent time and money working on niche marketing, but have ignored “microniche” marketing, you have missed many great opportunities to increase your sales.

There are some simple steps and programs on the market that will help you drill down into your niche and open the door to a whole new set of potential buyers.

If you focus only on the broader niche market, you are likely not reaching people who are looking more in depth at a particular product or service. By ignoring microniche marketing, you are advertising to a somewhat broad niche, but may never be seen by someone who is searching for a particular product or service who’s search terms do not exactly match your niche. There are many people searching for very specific search terms, so creating a niche, then drilling into the niche and getting very specific withit, will yield you tremendous profits.

Diversity is the key to success with niche marketing. Below are some steps take that will help you identify some excellent markets, products, and search terms to focus on. By using software to automate your search, you will be greatly speed up the research process, therefore allowing you to market many microniche search terms, rather than just your broad niche market term. By digging into each niche and working the more specific terms, you will have many more search terms generating income for you.

For example, if your niche is environmentally friendly products, your microniche may include terms such as: Hybrid Vehicles, Wind Energy, Recycled Products, Energy Efficient Appliances, Green Cleaning Products just to name a few.


Microniche is the Key

Microniche – Step 1

Create a seperate file for each niche (notepad, word, or paper).

On the top of the page, write the name of the niche you are considering. Create as many pages or files as you have niche ideas for. On each page, brainstorm… Write as many specific microniches as you can possible think of. Even if the idea seems crazy, add it to the list. If you start with too specific of a niche, you will have limited results.

Microniche – Step 2

Go online and research your niche. Now that you have used your brain to create your lists, let the internet help. Use your favorite search engine (ie. Google, Yahoo, etc…) and start by searching your niche market. Open some of the sites and read. By reading the content of the sites, you will find additional more specific terms to add to your list of nichemarkets on each page. Once you have gotten ideas from several websites by searching your original niche title, now use the search engine to search each of the more specific microniche terms you listed on the page. By using the search engine to read about each of the specific terms you listed on the page, you will find tons of additional terms to add to your list.

Microniche – Step 3

Now that you have several pages with a niche at the top, and several microniche ideas listed on the page, you need to research and see which of the niche markets you can be successful in. You can do everything yourself manually, which will require hours of work, or you can use software such as MicroNiche Finder which will greatly increase your productivity by helping you discover if a term is a goldmine or a dud within seconds. Either way, you need to research and only work with the terms that you can be successful with. For manual searches, you can use tools such as Google’s Keyword Research tool. If you sign-up for a Google AdWords account (which is free), you will get 8 times the search results, either way, you will get great data. I personally recommend using a research software like MicroNiche Finder because it will do most of the work for you in a fraction of the time. What may take you 30 minutes or more manually, can be done in seconds using software.

If you are ready to take your niche marketing to the MicroNiche level and generate a tremendous income with a lot less work and effort, click here to find out more about the software I have recommended. Software can help you discover those terms that many people have overlooked, and open the door to great success.

Income by Internet – 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Income by Internet

Making an “income by internet” sounds easy. There are tens of thousands of people every day making online income. It can be easy if you avoid making some of the common mistakes that plague many online entrepreneurs.

An internet business is not just sitting at a P. C. all day and pulling in cash, although many people would want you to think that is exactly how it works.

Successful Internet businesses don’t occur overnight, they take months and probably a year of tough work before seeing any kind of return on your tough work and time, depending on your business.

Some people are given to believe that an Internet business is easy, they go in with no practical ideas of how to go about building the business, and they fail fast. They do not understand that to start any business you need a system, and though they’ve attempted a little bit of this or that, it never amounted to a system, so they are predestined to fail.

Income by Internet – Mistake #1 – Limit Your Distractions

Income by Internet

Income by Internet - Avoid Distractions

The great majority of Internet network marketing businesses are run right out of peoples homes , unfortunately there are many people that simply can’t discipline themselves sufficiently to be well placed to avoid distraction. There are few places, particularly offices, where you conduct your 9 to 5 job while watching the television with one eye. Television is a major distraction, so never turn on the T. V. and attempt to work from home both at the same time. You want to create an income by internet, so you should conduct your home business exactly as if you were working a JOB. You must plan what time you start, plan a break, plan lunchtime, and find yourself somewhere in your home where you can be focused and concentrate. The great thing about working from home is you can schedule time to watch a favorite show, but you must stick to your schedule, and if you scheduled an hour for lunch and your show, get back to work at the time you scheduled. This will keep you from working a little here and a little there, which will make you feel like you work all the time. Schedule your work, and work your schedule, then LEAVE IT ALONE.

Income by Internet – Mistake #2 – Avoid Burnout

Be practical – don’t plan to work 12 hours per day seven days every week. It is so easy to get burned out when you’re home-working because there’s often something you should be doing.

Initially you’ll have to put plenty of effort into list building and getting leads, and there are many techniques of going about that, some downright pointless and others extremely successful. The important thing, right from the start, is to have a system you can follow, coaches that will help you, and a certain amount of knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Building income by internet is essentially internet and network marketing. You learn to build lists and automate your processes. When you are just starting out, you will find there are many free marketing techniques you can use, but the free methods usually require more time to manually do things. As your business grown, you want to increase your income and take advantage of internet income opportunities, as well as automate more of your marketing processes. The automated processes usually cost some money, but the amount of time they will save you is well worth whatever you have to pay. You are creating this business to have a better life, not spend every waking minute working.

Income by Internet – Mistake #3 – Do Not “Reinvent the Wheel”

Naturally there are many hundreds of supposedly helpful Internet marketing courses out there, but if you do not know which one to select you can waste plenty of time and money.

It is only sensible that if you would like to learn about something, you should learn from people that are successful doing what you need to do. These people will be earning incomes from network marketing.

What a smart idea – how about finding a real system that was written and put together by a successful Internet marketer, compiled for the benefit of those new to Internet marketing!

Wouldn’t that be great? What about a system that’s constantly updated, has all latest ideas added, and proven methods included for success? Do you actually think something like this exists?

There are many excellent systems out there, but when just starting to make an income by internet, you want a system that is simple to follow, that gives you step-by-step instructions on what to do next. To find out about a simple system that can lead you through this process, click here for more information.

Magnetic Sponsoring – Learn to Make Attraction Marketing Work For You


There’s a new and revolutionary way of marketing which has developed and has turned standard techniques on their head. Attraction marketing means you don’t have to seek out people to sell your product or service to. Back in the day, people spent hours cold calling on the telephone and knocking on doors regularly with no results. With an attraction marketing concept such as “Magnetic Sponsoring”, you no longer have to search through a non responsive market, your prospects come to you for what they need .

This is the perfect style of marketing for anybody in the network marketing, multi level marketing business as well as anyone doing any kind of internet marketing at all.

By cutting down the amount of time that you spend chasing new business, it increases the amount of time that you will have to pitch your products or services to a responsive audience, and attract people to you.

The cool thing is, the people you attract won’t only be those needing to buy your products or services, they’ll also desire to benefit from your success and join your network marketing business because that want to emulate your success.

Traditional selling techniques tend to lose sight of one very simple but crucial fact, people like to buy .

However, there’s nothing guaranteed to turn away a possible buyer quicker than an assertive cold calling salesperson.

Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring – 7 Free Videos to Get You Started

With attraction marketing, the concept is to take the will to buy, which already exists, and meet that want by giving the shopper what they desire.

It is no longer about selling product , attraction marketing is about selling you first. Products do not sell products, people sell products, and with the attraction marketing techniques you can learn through a program such as Magnetic Sponsoring, success will be yours faster than you ever thought possible. You brand yourself as the most wanted part of the package, and the sales will follow.

As an attraction marketer, you need to convince your customer they want what you’re selling.

This is not done by throwing tons of facts and figures at them, it is done by demonstrating what your products or services can do, and most significantly, what they have done for you.

You must be offering an answer to someone’s issues, frustrations, or problems.

As a network marketing specialist you can use attraction marketing techniques to raise your network of marketers.

Using a program like Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring course will teach you the skills you need to position yourself as a leader and expert. When I first heard of the program and attraction marketing idea, I thought, “that may work for some people, but I don’t feel that I am an expert in my field.” After going through the course, I learned some simple and no cost ways to become an expert in my field. Much to my surprise, it was MUCH easier and faster than I ever thought possible.


There is a nearly endless supply of individuals in the world searching for a business venture. There are many many more already in a business which isn’t working for them. These are your target market. People, perhaps just like you, that are frustrated or overwhelmed and have done exactly what their upline or sponsor told them to do, and have spent countless hours, and untold amounts of money, only to see no results. These are the people that are acheiving exceptional success by using attraction marketing.

Remember, informing them how glorious it is would if they joined your team will not work. That is just a standard hard sell method. You want to show them what they are missing by being the person they would like to be: successful, respected, and a leader.

Attraction marketing is particularly simple to carry out. Some will have to change their methods while to others it comes naturally. With an easy to follow course like Magnetic Sponsoring, you will be on the road to success very fast. With attraction marketing, you become the hunted and not the hunter so you can build your successful business efficiently. Click here to find out more and view the 7 free videos that Magnetic Sponsoring has put together to get you started.