Attraction Marketing System Revealed

Do I have to be a supermodel to have a successful attraction marketing system?


Lucky for me, your appearance does not determine your success in attraction marketing.

MY HISTORY (and maybe your’s too)
I spent several years participating in different online businesses, only to discover that I was being taught to market the exact same company replicated website that everyone else was marketing. If you are like me, and have done the same, you have quickly realized that with thousands of people using the exact same websites and tools, you are just another website that people will overlook. I also noticed that in most of my online opportunities there were a few “leaders”, and they were very visable. If I did an online search for my opportunity, the same few people always showed-up. That always left me wondering how I was supposed to compete with them, as they were the “experts” or “leaders”.

Join them by making myself a leader too.
What did I just tell myself to do?
I would think to myself “That sounds hard!!!”, or “I am not a leader”.
A couple of years ago I was introduced to MLSP, My Lead System Pro, and the concept of creating an Attraction Marketing System to “brand” myself. I kept thinking “this is going to be difficult”. Thankfully, I went through some of the hundreds of hours of training available in the back office and began to truly understand what an attraction marketing system really means, and how simple the concept and implementaion actually is.

Through MLSP, I was introduced to the master of attraction marketing, Mike Dillard, and his Magnetic Sponsoring system. I found Mike Dillard’s teachings to be easy to follow. The concept of STOP SELLING was a very welcome idea. I HATE to sell things, but by creating an attraction marketing system, I was able to let people get to know me, and as they got to know me, they became interested in what I was doing.

Suddenly the entire concept of attraction marketing hit home as people started seeking me out and wanting to join what I was doing. I was a leader in my company, and people were asking to join me. I think you will agree that showing someone your program and sharing some marketing techniques that work for you is MUCH better than chasing people down and trying to sell them on your program or opportunity.

In the past, I had never thought of myself as an expert, although I had amassed quite an education of what not to do, and what does not work for me. The great thing about an attraction marketing system is that it will work with ANY program or opportunity that you are involved with. The idea of attraction marketing is for people to get to know you, and learn about you.
If I am a potential prospect, and you have sent me a generic email to a generic website, I am likely to hit the delete button.
If, however, I received an email from you that has some value (not leading with a sales pitch), I am more likely to read what you have sent, and follow your links. If I land on a website that has information you have put together, or a short video you have created that takes me to the replicated website, I am having a completely different online experience than people who are just sent straight to the replicated website to start with.

* Stop selling
* Share something of value
* Let people get to know you

You can find more information about setting up your own attraction marketing system by using MLSP, or visiting Magentic Sponsoring and signing-up for Mike Dillard’s free video series to be emailed to you. Both of these are great resources that will guide you to setting up a successful attraction marketing system, and branding yourself.

Happy Marketing!!!
John Williams

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