Generating Leads for Network Marketing

The best way to Generate Leads for your Network Marketing Business

Network marketing relies on leads and without them, your business will never take off at all. If you understand how network marketing works, you may know that a continuous supply of leads is absolutely essential to a successful business, and they’re hard to get unless you begin by using a proven lead generation system.

Of course leads can be bought, but someone else’s cast-offs are usually out of date or worn out and not targeted to the market you are aiming for. It may seem great to find an affordable source that will sell you 20 million leads for a low price, but do you really believe that they have found 20 million people that are looking for exactly what you are offering? Very unlikely. There are plenty of places where you can buy leads online, but the majority of the time this is a waste of money because these leads are gathered from everywhere and will not be targeted to your business.

You can hire a MLM lead generation company to get targeted leads for you, but that will likely cost you a lot of cash.

Now if you were making $1000 profit on something and you might pay $10 for a well qualified lead that made you that $1000 each and every time, you would jump at the chance I am sure, but you would have to be the best closer in the world to convert all those prospects into sales. There are MLM lead generation companies that will sell you targeted leads, but these are incredibly pricey.

If you are making a huge profit on your product and you could pay a very small amount for these targeted leads, everybody would be doing it, but the product that pays enormous commissions will have enormous competition too.

Part of the problem is, few network marketers are selling anything that grosses a $1000 commission or profit, so the smaller the profit on a product becomes, the less you can afford to spend purchasing leads, and the less you spend the worse the leads.

So now what to do?

In the real world, the majority of network marketers are not getting paid such enormous commissions, so buying leads will simply eat away at your profits, and if you buy inexpensive leads, their quality will be dubious, so for most it is not an option. So now what the heck do you do?

Do it Yourself Lead Generation. Learn how to generate your own Network Marketing Leads!

  To be successful, you must learn to generate your own leads for yourself. If you have never done it before, or have attempted and failed miserably, you know you need a system that will take you by the hand and show you the most effective way to generate those leads in the most cost efficient way.

There are plenty of systems that have hit the market in recent years and almost all of those systems have slipped into oblivion because they simply did not work.

There is, however, an established “leads for network marketing” system that has been around for a long time, and is run by a group of network marketing entrepreneurs who use the system themselves, and know exactly what they are talking about.

Network marketing isn’t about standing on a street corner and waving your product in each bypasser’s face, or spamming information about your product or opportunity to everyone on the internet with an email address, it’s about helping people with their problems and needs, just like off-line, face to face marketing does.

When you find someone who needs some help, you simply form a relationship, and after a while introduce your product to them. This is the foundation of attraction marketing, and this is the system that successful network markets use daily. It is a great model for conducting business and has been proven over and over.

This group of expert marketers got together realizing that there were thousands of people who were struggling in online marketing and those that needed assistance getting started.

The system isn’t just about MLM lead generation, it covers absolutely everything you will need to understand to be successful. It is a fully customizable system. It’s not quite plug-and-play, but almost – you can customize some items for yourself and there are easy to follow instructions and instructional videos. It can be adapted to the way that you want to do business, so you can maintain your own unique approach and style.

Within the system, there are things which you can (and should) learn to do:
* Learn to create videos
* Enter your affiliate links to any other programs or products
* Set up a good auto responder system, and tie the system together

What you will get:
* A funded proposal which will increase your cash flow from the beginning
* Follow-up email messages that contain your affiliate links and information
* Five star training and coaching through members’ area and weekly training call webinars with leaders in the network marketing industry
* A customizable attraction marketing system that does most of the hard work for you

Sound great?

You can even take the system for a test drive, which is the simplest way to get started, so visit My Lead System Pro now and get started.

New Network Marketing

How to Choose a New Network Marketing Opportunity

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the network marketing business for a few years or this is your first business, success can only occur if you select the right network marketing program for you. You’re probably also very aware of the vast amount of network marketing companies who appear and then rapidly vanish after only a short time.

The neat thing about the Net is that you can keep an eye trained on new network marketing programs easily. Doing your required groundwork on a network marketing company is not a five minute task, you have to be certain you’ll be expanding your enterprise with the right company. The network marketing model has been about for years, and it does work, but only if the business is run in the right way. This is a swiftly changing market-place and you have got to be confident the company you choose won’t disappear rapidly, you have to evaluate the company and its products, which should be something that people will always need.

How Many New Network Marketing Firms are there?

Unbelievably There are about 50 new network marketing programs that appear every few weeks, so choosing the right one is going to be a tough task. The Net actually does make it easier. You should write a list and eliminate opportunities as you go, then watch the firm’s website closely and keep a watch on blogs that may pop up talking about the company and their products. Does the company do much advertising? How are they doing it, through print, e-mail, or are they running TV ads? Obviously the bigger the company’s marketing budget, the bigger the brand visibility will be, and the better it’s going to be for you. But also don’t forget that if the company blows too much on advertising, their budget and their business will disappear quickly afterward.

There is an art to judging blog comments too. Many network marketers spend large amounts of time complaining on blogs, rather than building their enterprises, and you’ll soon see who these folk are and see why they are failing. Participate in blogs and do not be frightened to raise questions, your future prosperity is at risk here.

The Downsides of New Network Marketing Programs

When you’ve decided that one particular network marketing opportunity is right for you, be aware that there are numerous people online which make their money by selling false info to newbie network marketing specialists, – you’ll see all of their advertisements for “the secret way”, or “how to make millions” courses for sale, ignore them. Although on the face of it you might think $27 for a course that gives you all the secrets to network marketing is a good deal, you will soon find out that you’ve got to pay another $97 for another part the puzzle, and so on. Beware, the majority of these $27 courses are simply a technique to get their hands in your wallet, nothing else. Don’t be tempted. The best thing you can do is learn about attraction marketing through a course like My Lead System Pro, which will work with any business opportunity, and teach you how to market yourself rather than trying to sell your program or opportunity.

One of the most reasonable ideas is to discover a company with a top product that has been in existence for a minimum of 5 to ten years. Getting in on a prelaunch with a network marketing business may seem enticing, but leave it to those that can afford to lose the cash when the company goes belly up. A huge share of network marketing businesses do fail. Why would you need to fail too?

Another significant factor to think about is how you’ll pitch your new network marketing business. It is essential that you have money set aside in the form of a marketing budget, plenty of time to dedicate to expanding your business, and the power to build and market a website. How are you going to generate as enough amount quality leads? One thing you certainly can do to promise success, is to take a look at proven MLM lead production systems, which should decrease your marketing costs and aid in getting you off to a flying start. A proven system like My Lead System Pro will help you brand yourself, and stand-out from the hundreds or thousands of other people offering the same program.


Leads are an essential part in building any kind of business successfully, whether it is a standard “bricks and mortar” company or an online internet business.

Good lead generation is critical to the financial success of any company, whether small or large., but not all lead generation processes are equal in quality.

A lower quality lead generation process can end up costing a business far more than it may seem to at the start. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right, or why waste the time. Your time is very valuable, and if you are like me, I started my own business so I would have time and money to enjoy life, so wasting time on processes that do not work, is not worth my time.

Throughout the marketing process there must be a technique to identify qualified leads and separate them from those of less quality. If you do not have a method to identify quality leads, your conversion rates will be suffer and you will be quite frustrated. In addition, your business will begin to fall apart. Please DO NOT fall into that trap.

You need to understand, the lead generation process can be work intensive for both offline and online.

The offline lead generation process may involve things such as driving to meet people face to face, hosting meetings, and a lot of telephone calls.

If the leads are taken from fliers and forms filled in at trade shows, these leads need to be put into a database and then contacted individually. Information may have to be sent out, which involves expense, and one way or another, those leads need to be qualified and then guided towards a sales department. The sales department then has to go through additional processes, and follow thru to closing, which hopefully leads to a sale.

Online lead generation appears much easier at first glance, however, those that own their own social marketing or multi-level business know that this isn’t always so. Such people know that this type of lead generation can be tedious and take a long time as they are often fishing in huge sea of customers who have never heard about their business.

There are few businesses that don’t need an initial investment to get it going, and obviously the more capital you can invest, the faster your business can take off. This may mean outsourcing the simple and tedious roles (online posts etc…) as well as things you are not capable of doing yourself (writing articles etc…).

Advertising will always pull in more leads, but only if it’s done properly.

If you have built your creative and attractive web site, and if you follow all of the proven methods of success such as:
* writing and posting articles often and regularly
* answering emails promptly
* utilizing auto responders
* having an opt-in box on your web pages
* building tons of backlinks through article submissions, blogs and social media sites

…then why in the world aren’t you making any money?

If you are like 97% of all web marketers, you are probably thinking of giving up and going back to the arena of offline promoting. Perhaps you were even good at it. Just remember, there aren’t any jobs! The people who are in line ahead of you are folks that are more qualified than you are! Don’t give up, find a method that works!

So what to do? Buy leads?

Good luck with that. Even if you can find a credible company that will give you fresh, qualified leads, you will pay thru the nose for them, whether you convert them to sales or not.

Your profits are quickly sliding away and you can’t raise the price of your product, because no-one will be interested, so you need to find a solution.

What about a lead generation system that has been proven to work for thousands and is simple to execute and lets you stay in control of your business? No passing the lead around like a squalling baby, it’s yours from the start to the end.

How about a system that keeps you on the leading edge of inventive and effective lead generation that may put your business back on its feet fast? A system with hundreds of hours of training available in an extremely wide variety of different marketing methods. It is easy to find one that suite you, and master it. Later, you can add another method and so on.

Visit . Make sure you enter your name and email address. You will receive an email with a link to a video that will explain the entire lead generation process, and explain the concept of attraction marketing. This is a must-have for any business or opportunity, and it will work with absolutely any program or opportunity that you are involved in.

I hope you will take action and benefit from the information provided.

Happy Marketing!!!
John Williams

Attraction Marketing System Revealed

Do I have to be a supermodel to have a successful attraction marketing system?


Lucky for me, your appearance does not determine your success in attraction marketing.

MY HISTORY (and maybe your’s too)
I spent several years participating in different online businesses, only to discover that I was being taught to market the exact same company replicated website that everyone else was marketing. If you are like me, and have done the same, you have quickly realized that with thousands of people using the exact same websites and tools, you are just another website that people will overlook. I also noticed that in most of my online opportunities there were a few “leaders”, and they were very visable. If I did an online search for my opportunity, the same few people always showed-up. That always left me wondering how I was supposed to compete with them, as they were the “experts” or “leaders”.

Join them by making myself a leader too.
What did I just tell myself to do?
I would think to myself “That sounds hard!!!”, or “I am not a leader”.
A couple of years ago I was introduced to MLSP, My Lead System Pro, and the concept of creating an Attraction Marketing System to “brand” myself. I kept thinking “this is going to be difficult”. Thankfully, I went through some of the hundreds of hours of training available in the back office and began to truly understand what an attraction marketing system really means, and how simple the concept and implementaion actually is.

Through MLSP, I was introduced to the master of attraction marketing, Mike Dillard, and his Magnetic Sponsoring system. I found Mike Dillard’s teachings to be easy to follow. The concept of STOP SELLING was a very welcome idea. I HATE to sell things, but by creating an attraction marketing system, I was able to let people get to know me, and as they got to know me, they became interested in what I was doing.

Suddenly the entire concept of attraction marketing hit home as people started seeking me out and wanting to join what I was doing. I was a leader in my company, and people were asking to join me. I think you will agree that showing someone your program and sharing some marketing techniques that work for you is MUCH better than chasing people down and trying to sell them on your program or opportunity.

In the past, I had never thought of myself as an expert, although I had amassed quite an education of what not to do, and what does not work for me. The great thing about an attraction marketing system is that it will work with ANY program or opportunity that you are involved with. The idea of attraction marketing is for people to get to know you, and learn about you.
If I am a potential prospect, and you have sent me a generic email to a generic website, I am likely to hit the delete button.
If, however, I received an email from you that has some value (not leading with a sales pitch), I am more likely to read what you have sent, and follow your links. If I land on a website that has information you have put together, or a short video you have created that takes me to the replicated website, I am having a completely different online experience than people who are just sent straight to the replicated website to start with.

* Stop selling
* Share something of value
* Let people get to know you

You can find more information about setting up your own attraction marketing system by using MLSP, or visiting Magentic Sponsoring and signing-up for Mike Dillard’s free video series to be emailed to you. Both of these are great resources that will guide you to setting up a successful attraction marketing system, and branding yourself.

Happy Marketing!!!
John Williams