Income On The Internet – Secrets For Success

Are you interested making an income on the internet?
There are some incredible advantages to learning how to make an “income on the internet”: Working from home, setting your own schedule, the freedom and flexibility to work when and where you want to can be exhilirating.

Income On The Internet

Income On The Internet

Income on the Internet – Challenges

Even before you start looking for a product there are a number of things that you have got to know before it’s possible to make a great income on the internet.
You are in the business to make sales – very simply. If you know little about the psychology of selling, then there are number of things you should learn.
The words “selling” and “sales” seem to be taboo these days, but that is what you need to not only learn, but really master if you’ve got any hope of generating a rewarding income on the internet, but doing it the right way is key. Attraction marketing is the key to making sales, that’s what it all comes down to.

Income on the Internet – The Psychology

There is a lot of psychology behind marketing and techniques that need to be employed to make sales.
You have to be in a position to get your prospect to feel that after they have made their purchase, they got something they really wanted at a fantastic price from someone they can trust.
To be successful making an income on the internet, you have to use your talents as an internet network marketer to make your web site, blog or online videos POP with an awesome offer that simple cannot be ignored.
There is however a fine balance because people don’t like to be “sold”. They’d like to seem to be in control throughout the whole purchasing process.
Most sales are made impulsively for emotional reasons, and once someone has decided to purchase something, they frequently go on to justify their acquisition.
As an online marketer, you need to lead them by the hand and carefully steer them toward that sale.
Never offer too many choices as the purchaser may find it hard to decide on one choice. In fact, the most renowned internet network marketers offer up to 3 options or decisions, particularly when it comes to enrolling for your opportunity.
Always strive to sign new team members up at the highest package, but do not offer more than three decisions total.

Income on the Internet – Overcoming “NO”

If someone does not want something they are going to say no and they’re going to continue to say no. At this point, your job is to make them say yes. Find out what is turning them away from the product or opportunity. What is it they don’t like the size, the brand, the name, or the price? If you are able to remove the thing they object to, then they will stop saying “no thanks”.
The old saying “You get what you pay for” applies to pricing. If you have priced your product far below your competitor’s product, customers are going to think there’s something wrong with it. Cheap prices are often equated with low-quality, so don’t price anything too cheaply.

Income on the Internet – Customer Service

Let customers know they are special, and you do not just sell your products to any Tom Dick or Harry. To build a residual income on the internet, stay in touch with customers. Answer client’s phone calls and questions as quickly as you can. Follow-up and make sure they are satisfied with the product or know how to work through the program.

Income on the Internet – Supply and Demand

When people are told they can’t have something, like kids, they’re going to try even harder to get it. You can turn this psychology to your advantage.
Limited time offers and limited numbers of products are another idea. Look at Christmas toys for kids, there’s always one every year that parents fight over, although the company probably made 10,000,000 of them! As in the example above, the kid wants what he can’t have and the parents will pay higher prices for it simply to keep him quiet. So pronouncing that there is a limited amount of your product will mean that people may try to get it immediately for fear of losing out.
Be careful how you work limited time offers. Do not say that something is available only until the last day of the month and then continue offering the product thru the next month. People will become suspicious and think that it was a fraudulent offer or something was wrong with the product, especially if they use Google or another search engine and find out you are still offering the product or service through another source.

To drive traffic to your website or blog, you need to generate leads.You will need a system that will help you generate a steady stream of new prospects in order to promote your products and opportunity. With a system in place, such as Income Fitness, you will explode your income on the internet. Using a proven system to grow and maintain your business will give you the income you desire and the time to enjoy it. Click here to learn more about Income Fitness and how easy it is to setup and use.

Law Of Attraction Marketing – How To Be Successful

The Law of Attraction Marketing – Key Principles for Success

Law Of Attraction Marketing

Law Of Attraction Marketing

The law of attraction marketing is not about physical beauty nor is it about how attractive your product or system is, but about attracting people to follow you because of who you are and what you offer. To be successful in the network marketing and online marketing arenas, you must embrace the principles and practices that make the law of attraction marketing so successful.

The Law of Attraction Marketing - Basics

When I first started in internet marketing I wondered why some people are successful while many others aren’t. Often it simply comes down to the different ways successful people look at things. While one individual encountering an obstacle will quit , others will discover a way around the problem and learn and grow from the experience. Part of what makes the law of attraction marketing work is letting people get to know you and by letting people see your failures as well as your successes. You are giving an insight into what makes you tick, and how you think. It also lets people see you are real.

The Law of Attraction Marketing – What Is It?

There are thousands of people selling the same products or systems that you are. To stand out from the rest of the crowd, you must be more “attractive” to your prospects. It is not about the best offer or the best service, but instead it is about prospects getting to know and trust you. In every online endeavor there seem to be a few people that are the leaders. Are these leaders better than you? Certainly not, but they have used the “law of attraction marketing” to establish who they are.

The Law of Attraction Marketing – How to Implement It

There are plenty of simple things you can do to establish yourself as a knowledgeable leader in your field. Create simple videos and post on YouTube or other video sites. The videos should contain useful tips and information about your particular field of interest. Search the internet and find forums that discuss topics in your field of interest. Read some posts and responses, then post your own responses that are insightful and on topic. There are many of ideas you can come up with to get yourself more exposure such as hosting webinars, creating content and posting on a blog or other online resource, just be creative.

The Law of Attraction Marketing – Make it Easier

One of the best pieces of advice anyone gave me was to use tools and resources and automate my processes. I did not take the advice at first, and I spent a lot of time manually going through my processes only to burn out quickly. Using a system like Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring taught me how to make good use of my time, and how to attract prospects without working myself to death. Magnetic Sponsoring is the foundation of the law of attraction marketing and is well worth the time to view the free training videos.

You have two choices; to progress… or to fail. As you start following and understanding the law of attraction marketing, you WILL come out on top. Will you succeed at everything you do? Absolutely NOT.
90% of your income will come from about 10% of what you do. Obviously you have no idea which 10% of your work will be successful, so you must follow all of the training you receive, and know and understand that much of what you do will not work, but what does work, will usually work very well.

Take a look at the free attraction marketing videos on the Magnetic Sponsoring website and learn about the law of attraction marketing. Click here to see the free videos. Be sure to have pen and paper handy to take good notes. Happy Marketing!!

Office Home And Business – 4 Tips For Success

Tips To Setup Your Office Home And Business

Office Home And Business

Office Home And Business

Setting up an office for home and business is not difficult, but to actually work from home requires tremendous discipline. It is so easy to get distracted, or find other things to do rather than devoting your time to working. Below are some tips that will help keep you focused.

Office Home and Business – Dedicated Space

If possible, set your office up in an unused bedroom of your house or apartment. If you do not have space you can dedicate to your office you may have to use the kitchen or dining room table as your office, but this is less than ideal. With a dedicated space, you can have everything setup permanently, you can walk away from work and it will still be where you left it when you return, and you tend to have more privacy. With a common space such as the kitchen or dining room table, your office home and business tend to merge together. You will find it much easier to get distracted, you will lose time having to setup and breakdown your office whenever you need to use the table, and it is harder to organize everything in a non-permanent space.

Office Home and Business – Schedule Your Time

Some people are better at setting a schedule and sticking to it than others. If you can easily set and follow a schedule, you are fortunate. Most of us try to create a schedule, try to stick to the schedule, but end up wondering where all of the time went. Having an office for home and business can be filled with many interruptions and distractions that you may not experience in a traditional office environment. Either set working hours with generous breaks, or commit to a certain amount of time each day to work. Either method allows for flexibility. At the end of the day, it also helps to write down what you want to or need to accomplish the next working day, then be sure you get those things done before stopping for the day.

Office Home and Business – Avoiding Burnout

When you have an office at home and business at home it is very easy to continue working well past “normal hours”. You can quickly burn yourself out by working all the time, so make sure you set a stopping time and stick to it. If you followed the advice of the previous paragraph, you should be able to feel you have accomplished what you need to each day, then walk away from it. Another reason that having an office home and business in a designated room is beneficial is it allows you to leave it and not see it the rest of the day or night. When you work off the dining room table, you tend to walk by it and see it all the time, and feel you need to be doing something. You will have to put in extra time and effort when you are first getting started, but you absolutely have to make yourself stop working and have a normal life.

Office Home and Business – Use Available Resources

In the beginning you may feel you have to do your advertising and lead generation manually, but as time goes on, you will find the successful “office home and business” entrepreneurs are using programs and systems to automate their processes and free up their time. Using a program like My Lead System Pro for lead generation can save you tremendous amounts of time and effort. You must put systems into place to ease your work load, and help you build your business faster and more efficiently. Check out MLSP and see what it can do to make your life easier.

How To Find Niches

How To Find Niches – What is a Niche?

How To Find Niches

How To Find Niches


To help you figure out how to find niches, you must first understand what a niche is. A niche is defined as the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing. You can be even more specific and define many micro niches within the niche market.

Market = Finance
Niche Market = Investors
Micro Niche = Home builders, real estate flippers, etc…

Market = Footwear
Niche Market = Athletic footwear
Micro Niche = Running shoes, men’s running shoes etc…

How To Find Niches – The First Step

Once you have decided on the market you are going to focus on, do a Google search (or other search engines) and use your market as your keyword. You will find thousands of posts. Read through a few of the results and write down any ideas that are specific areas in your original market. This is “how to find niches” using a search engine. You will want to write each niche idea on a separate piece of paper or a separate file in your computer as the next step will add micro niches to each of those niche market terms.

How To Find Niches – The Second Step

Now you want to find out how to find niches using a more in depth tool than just the basic search engine. I recommend using the Google Keyword Research Tool. It is completely free to use. If you do not sign-up, you will get 100 results per search. If you do sign up for a free Google AdWords account, you will get 800 results at no cost. This is how to find niches quickly. Take the niche words you wrote down, and one at a time use the Google Keyword Research tool to create a much more detailed list of the micro niches within each niche that you searched. You will likely find that not all of the 800 results are niche and micro niche keywords that you want to use. Depending upon what marketing techniques you plan to use with your niche keywords, you may want to arrange your list in the order that you plan to use each niche keyword.

How To Find Niches – The Third Step

Now that you have discovered how to dig deep into your niche and find micro niche keywords, you need to check the competition for each term. You can look at the search results in the Google Keyword Tool and get an idea of the number of monthly searches for that particular word or phrase. There are programs available to simplify this process such as Market Samurai and SEO Quake. These programs will help you see how to find niches that you will actually be able to compete for, rather than wasting time trying to market a keyword that you do not have a chance of ranking for.

How To Find Niches – The Automatic Way

You have now learned the 3 basic steps of how to find niches. If you implement and use the steps outlined above you will be off to a great start. By doing all of the work manually you can do it for very little cost, but it will take many many hours of research and note taking. There is a program I found called Micro Niche Finder which will do all of the hard work outlined above and much more in a matter of seconds. I am a firm believer that my time is more valuable than anything else, so I always try to use programs and systems that will automate whatever I can without compromising quality. Using a program like Micro Niche Finder will save you tremendous amounts of time, and it is relatively inexpensive, so be sure to check it out.

As you have learned how to find niches, and consider automating the process, you can see the tremendous benefits of marketing to a niche rather than to a broad market. People search for specific items or services and do not usually search the broad topic. I hope this has helped you know how to find niches, and that you will start immediately. Do not put things off until tomorrow because you may never find time to get to them at all.

Blessings and happy marketing!!

Make Money With WordPress – Keys To Profitable Blogging

How To Make Money With WordPress

To set yourself apart from other marketers on the internet, you need to provide people a way to get to know you. To be happy and continue your online endevor, you need to make money. Why not combine the two? Make money with WordPress and create your own blog.

Make Money With WordPress

Make Money With WordPress

When I first started my blog, I figured I would run out of things to blog about rather quickly. Now that I have started to make money with WordPress, I find I have a list of things I want to share that is so long, I have enough topics to write about for months to come. Sometimes I am tempted to just sit down and write all of them and post all of them at once, but I have learned to pace myself. I do not want to burn myself out, so I try to post once a day about 5 days a week. Part of starting my own business and working from home is to give me the time to do what I want to do, and be able to walk away from my business and enjoy life without worrying about it failing in my absence.

Make Money With WordPress – Topics

Make a list of several topics you are interested in, and topics you are passionate about. In my case, I enjoy online marketing and helping other people succeed, so the main topics I chose to blog about are: Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Product Reviews. Create quality content that is useful and helpful to other people. If you are promoting a particular product, service or technique, do not make every single blog post about the same thing. Choose 3 or 4 different techniques, products or services then rotate your postings. To successfully make money with WordPress, you do not want to bore your readers.

Make Money With WordPress – Site Backlinks

Create backlinks to your blog posts. Getting other web sites and web pages to link to your content is crucial. You can go online and do a Google search (or other search providers) and search for backlinks. You will find there are some sites where you can copy and paste a link to your blog post and it will automatically create backlinks for you. You will also find there are services you can subscribe to that will do the work for you. If you have read my previous posts, you will know I am a big fan of making things automatic, which frees up my time to be spent doing other things.

Make Money With WordPress – Article Backlinks

Another way to get backlinks to your posts is to rewrite your content and submit it to article directories. You do want to be sure your content is at least 35% different than your original blog post. The search engines do not like duplicate content, so be sure to create your new content to be as different as you can, while still conveying the message you want to get across. This can be done manually or there are programs available to automate your posting such as Article Marketing Robot.

Make Money With WordPress – Forums

Another helpful way to “make money with WordPress” is to go online and search forums that relate to the topic(s) you are blogging about. Take time to read what people are posting and respond to some of the posts if you have something of value to add. You can provide a link to your blog post, but do not link directly to a product page as this will be considered spamming in the forum and you will be kicked out and banned. Avoid posting something like “check out my blog at”, instead post a few useful sentences and make reference that there information about the subject at your blog and post a link. A good question to ask yourself when posting content in a forum is “would I personally find this information helpful and would I click the link to the blog post and read it?”

To make money with WordPress, you want to have as many different types of backlinks pointing to your original content as possible. You also want to make sure that what you are posting is quality information that will be beneficial for the people who have taken the time to read it. If you are just creating a blog post to push a product or service, people will start ignoring everything you write.

If you want to make money with WordPress, but you are not comfortable writing, or have no idea how to get started, there are programs online that will help with creating your blog and walk you through the processes needed to be successful. One program that many people have found extremely helpful is Barbara Ling’s Income Fitness program. It teaches you much more than just blogging, but it has great training on how to setup a profitable blog. To kickstart your effort to make money with WordPress, check out Income Fitness. Whether you choose to do it all yourself or use an automated system, make the choice to start NOW. If you put it off until tomorrow, you will likely look back in a few weeks and realize you have never gotten started.

Be blessed and happy marketing!!

Attraction Marketing System – How To Choose The Right One

How to Choose a Very Good Attraction Marketing System

Every month tens of thousands of people invest their hard-earned money to join an attraction marketing company with the hope of earning a few extra dollars working part-time from the comfort of home. Selecting the right attraction marketing system is vital.

By the end of their third month in business, 70% or more pull the plug and quit, often in worse financial shape than when they started.

This is a typical scenario. It doesn’t have to be like that.

There is only 1 thing between enjoying noteworthy success with attraction marketing or failing like those other 75%, and that is the utilizing of a straightforward attraction marketing system that will do the majority of the hard work for you.

Attraction Marketing System

Attraction Marketing System


Attraction Marketing Systems and Tools are Two Different Things

Many new attraction marketers confuse a system with a tool and it can be an expensive mistake, because tools do not make a system. The truth is a system can be comprised of tools. A good attraction marketing system will use several tools, but one tool on its own can only be worthless unless it can be incorporated into an efficient system and become part of a collection of processes designed to achieve a specific result.

As an example, your company could hand out DVDs that contain an awesome presentation that will in itself generate interest in your product or opportunity. But if you only give these out and do nothing else, the DVDs would likely be worthless. The idea is not just to give away free DVDs, but to gather information from prospects who’ve seen these DVDs and became interested in your products and opportunity, and who want to learn more.

A webinar event hosted by heavy hitters in the business is great as a sponsoring tool. It is going to be completely worthless when offered by itself and not part of a collection of steps which should really be taken including registration and gathering of prospects’ info for follow-up.

Below Is an Illustrative example of an Attraction Marketing System

A system is a collection of consecutive steps designed to bring about a required result. A good “attraction marketing system” for lead generation, for instance, may include a dozen steps, and if lead generation is being done online, these steps may be taken:

Use explicit market analysis tools to select a target audience with a voiced need for your items services or opportunity. (for example, “stay at home moms”)

Use search site keyword analysis tools to determine the exact words and phrases utilized by the chosen niche when in the market for your type of product, service or opportunity. (for example,  ”part-time net jobs” )

Use tools to gauge how many web pages, blog entries, articles or adverts are competing for the desired keyword phrases and select the least competitive, best-chance results.

The next step will be to write articles for your internet site or blog and for submission to article directory websites. The articles you write should position you as someone who is knowlegible in the online marketing world. Even if you do not feel you are an expert, do some online research and offer valuable information.

Article marketing should be performed by utilizing pings, social bookmarking tools or by securing high PR backlinks.

You also want to search for forums and discussion groups that relate to your area of expertise. Be sure to read and respond to posts on the forums, and offer advice and tips (at no cost).

These are some of the steps that will make up a successful attraction marketing system. The process is a series of steps built to produce a required result. Once you identify your target market, you need to offer something of value to the people in that market.

When the system is followed the result will be a flood of very targeted traffic to your internet site where you would also have in place another series of steps, or system to gain the interest of your prospects. These additional steps may lead them to opt in and receive further information about your product or opportunity.

Attraction Marketing System – A Turnkey Approach

Clearly the fastest way to success is by finding a fully integrated attraction marketing system which will produce all of the results for which you are looking. Do be certain you are simply not investing in yet one more stand-alone tool that will be absolutely ineffective by itself. You need to be sure you are investing in an actual step by step system.

The best attraction marketing system I have seen is Magnetic Sponsoring. This system will give you all of the training you need to become extremely successful in attraction marketing. Click here for more information on Magnetic Sponsoring.

Business From Home – The Keys To Success

Are You Able To Make Money with a Business From Home?

Each day thousands of people decide to start their own business from home.
Starting a home based business usually costs little to set-up as there is not too much risk, low overhead costs, and the work from home business model has been proven to work.

Business From Home

Business From Home

What You Must Understand About Starting an MLM Business From Home

There are lots of points to consider:
If a sponsor tells you it will be simple and you’ll get rich fast, this is not true.
You WILL have to work very hard at the start to setup your business from home, but it will be very well worth it if you take the time and effort to do it correctly.
Your sponsor may tell you it is easy, which may well be true, but there will be work involved.
Most good online programs have a vast amount of training available about how to setup their program or system, but lack valuable information about how to get customers or leads. Using a program like MLSP will take care of attracting leads and prospects with any business you are a part of, but you must be sure you are working with or promoting a company or product you believe in.

There are only roughly thirty MLM companies which have been around for longer than about ten years. There is very little wrong with the business model as these 30 or so firms have proven, and most are associates run them as a “business from home”. The companies that failed simply did not set up their businesses correctly at the start.
There are two extremely important reasons why those other MLM businesses failed. Number one is typically the product. It was either inferior or too costly.
Second, the compensation plan was presumably inferior too.

Before You Start or Join an MLM Business From Home, Do Your Homework!

When you apply for a job, one of the first things you want to know is the pay.
With a business from home, you have to find out about the compensation plan.
Ask a lot of questions.
There are a lot of different compensation plans with fancy names which can be very complicated, so be sure you understand precisely how you’re going to be paid.

Then research and study the product or service.
Is it well advertised?
Is it something people desire, and can not easily get in a store?
Is it good quality and is it enduring?
Will people still need or want to buy this in a couple of years time?

When you have narrowed your choices down, do an online search and get onto forums and blogs and see how people are talking about the company.
Regardless of the product or service, you will find many unhappy distributors who potentially spend more time complaining than doing something to market their business. Usually these people are not willing to put in the work and effort to make their business a auccess, they just expect instant wealth with no work on their part. That would be nice, but that is not how a business from home works (at least none that I have found yet).

Business From Home – The Facts

If you would like a successful home-based MLM business you will have to work consistently. It does not have to take all of your spare time, but you need to commit a consistent amount of time to working your new business and developing leads and customers. There are many methods for generating leads. I have tried hundreds of different methods over the years, and fnially found MLSP which made the process so easy, and freed up most of my time.

There are 2 ways to make money running a business from home:
One is to sell products, and the other is to signup others to do precisely the same as you are doing.
What Type of Plan that have you got?

I hope you completely understand what’s required to make a continuous stream of qualified leads so you can promote both your product and opportunity. Online promotion is fairly simple if you have the right tools.

To be successful, you need to spend time working to answer the following questions:
Do you know the simple way to build an internet site and how to market online?
Do you know how to drive traffic to your site?
What type of advertising will you do?
Will you run your own ads, or join in a team advertising effort?
Do you a budget, and how much?
When you do get new team members, are you capable of training them so they too can become successful?
All these questions must be addressed and answered. Many individuals make very good incomes with their business from home. The successful people are the ones that knew what they were getting into at the beginning and took the necessary steps to answer the questions.
The ones who go in blind are the majority who fail.

To ensure your success in running a business from home, check out a program like MLSP and considering using it to make your business successful as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Click here to get more information, and happy marketing!!