The Two Major Factors In Ranking As Far As Google Is Careful Is Age And The Quantity Of Quality Backlinks Leading To Your Website

A back-link is a phrase, word or domain name which is on another website different from yours so that once it is clicked it will lead back to your web site.

The anchor text is a term for the text that you typically see highlighted and once clicked it takes you to the appropriate page on a web page.

Why build backlinks?

When done properly backlinks equals free website traffic and free visitors equals passive income.

You can get backlinks for free by publishing articles to different article directories or perhaps you can comment on other peoples blogs to get your links.

Just to point out that some directories will only allow "no-follow" links which implies that it won't be recognised by Google and consequently you won't ascend the ladder of Google's search results. Although this can also be an advantage as you need a random mix of follow and no-follow to make it look more natural.

Start obtaining links on low ranking sites might be a great way to start then increase to high ranking ones over time. To carry on the good side of Google try to use different and varied anchor text, if the website was to do with sports cars you can use anchor text like, "sports cars in the U.S.A", "wonderful sports cars" or "fans of sports cars."

Never make use of backlink generator software to get backlinks machine gunned everywhere in a short amount of time. Google can smell automation a mile away! Always do it manually and slower the better.

Try to create your backlinks are as follows:

50% of your backlinks would redirect to your home page

50% of your backlinks may point to a number of inner pages

Use quality content when building your links preferably using keyword research and obtain links from a variety of different Page Ranking websites. It might look suspicious if they all originated from sites of the same ranking. The overall concept is to make it seem as natural as possible and not contrived.

The two major factors in ranking as far as Google is concerned is age and the volume of quality backlinks leading to your website. Not simply the age of your web site but the age of your backlinks, Google in fact ignores links that are less than 3 months old!

One thing to watch out for is that when you initiate more backlinks Google will initially drop your ranking, so don't worry. If you are doing everything right your ranking will gradually come back and should increase to higher than before.

As I have stated to become a good backlink generator your strategy should be done gradually over time, at least a 6 months plan if not 12 months. This indicates allot of individuals can become disappointed and give up since they don't see instant results, so have patience. It's also worth mentioning that your ranking can increase without a traffic increase. Traffic will only begin to go up significantly when you reach at the first page the search results. So prepare yourself, take it easy and keep a good backlink watch note with all your percentages and actions taken. Be in the game for the long run and eventually you will be rewarded by discovering how to create a passive income?

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