Paid Game Testing Job - Start Right Now With These 3 Steps

Paid video game testing is usually loads of fun, however, its also wise to know that it's not fun ALL the time. A pro game tester needs to do work and finish the duties assigned to him. If he doesn't do his work effectively or if he merely completes his tasks as though they're not all that big a deal, it's likely he won't be an expert beta game tester for very long. Having said that, if you're still interested in testing game titles as a career, then follow the 3 simple steps down below.

1. Everyone Is A Contact

Every person you talk to (whom works with video games) ought to be considered as a potential resource which you can utilize. This person could be the starting point that enables you to land that first, all important game tester job. This individual may have the ability to inform you about new testing jobs opening up; those of which won't be actively talked about. She (or he) could even pull strings with some "top" people and help you get beta game testing jobs when you need them most. In a nutshell, they might be your "lucky ticket" for getting into the the world of video games; hence, try to be as professional and as friendly as possible with everybody you speak to.

2. Test Video Games Free Of Charge

It might make you sick to your stomach to do work, if you call game testing work, free of charge; but it is just one of those "necessary evils" to get your foot through the door. Give your testing skills to game developers as well as testing facilities and let them know that you will test their game titles totally free of charge. Given that game development companies don't shell out more on testing than is needed, they will be more than pleased to benefit from your offer. Following one or two free testing jobs, you should have a good heap of references ready & waiting for those paid video game testing jobs.

3. Be Proactive

You should not expect testing job opportunities to fall from the heavens and hit you in the head -- it's not that simple or that fast. In all seriousness, you need to get yourself out and about and start contacting game development companies directly. Let them know what you do, who you are, and how much of an asset you will be to their company; whether it's a temporary position or a permanent one. If you present a strong case, There Is No reason why you would be rejected.

Paid beta game testing is usually incredibly rewarding -- but, make sure to not get in over your head, because there is real work involved with this sort of employment!

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