Do I Suffer Insomnia - Take This Insomnia Assessment Now

Is the subject about "do I have insomnia" repeatedly twirling around in your head? Are you worried that you, like millions of others, are going to have manage long term insomnia symptoms? Well, if you are, it may be time to take the "do I have insomnia" assessment. This short questionnaire should help you work out if you are indeed experiencing some form of insomnia or sleep disorder.

The 5 Part Insomnia Questionnaire...

1. My Occupation Necessitate...

A) A lot of physical activity.

B) A great deal of mental thinking.

C) Sitting at a computer all day long.

If you answered B or C, then exercise routine could be a factor in your lack of sleep. Studies show that when a person does exercise throughout the day, the body tends to have the opportunity to sleep more easily, as there is no built up energy that should be dispensed.

2. Before Bed I...

A) Sit back and watch one hour or more of TV

B) Read a few chapters of the best book

C) Write down my concerns on a piece of paper

Answers A and B are not helpful in regards to getting to sleep swiftly. When you read or watch TV, your mind is being stimulated and an overstimulated mind typically leads to trouble sleeping. Answer C, on the other hand, can be fruitful, as it will help to put your problems off your chest so you can respite better.

3. I Sleep In a Home That is...

A) Loud and well lit

B) Particularly warm

C) Dark and well ventilated

If you answered anything other than C, your environment is a problem and could be a big factor in your case of insomnia. The best environment for sleep is one that is completely dark, has a temperature of around 65 degrees, and is adequately ventilated. A warm, brightly lit room jam-packed with noise and stagnant air isn't going to assist you to get to sleep, no matter what you may suppose.

4. My Bed Is...

A) Soft, Squishy, and Relaxing

B) Solid and Comfortable

C) A wooden plank

B should have been your answer. Whilst having a soft bed is comfortable, it is not the best choice for sleep. The best choice is a firm bed that supports your weight in full. Admittedly, it doesn't have to be as firm as a wooden board, nonetheless it should be firm enough so that you don't sink into it.

5. Once I Get Out of The Bed In the Morning, I...

A) Feel miserable that I didn't get ample sleep.

B) Feel as though I didn't even sleep a wink.

C) Feel lively and full of energy.

D) Feel like going right back to sleep for several hours.

Anything other than C means you are missing out on sleep and need to take the right steps to fix the problem. To fix your insomnia dilemma, you can do anything from following a handful of simple insomnia guidelines to diving head first into natural insomnia treatment options to visiting a doctor and getting prescription sleep aids.

Basically, it depends on the seriousness of your insomnia and how drastically/quickly you wish to treat it.

Here are the results for the "Do I Have Insomnia" questionnaire...

(Results will vary and may not be 100% accurate for each reader)

5 out of 5: There is a really good chance you don't have insomnia.

4 out of 5: You slumber alright most days, but there is still a slight potential of insomnia.

3 out of 5: You're on and off. Several days you sleep great, others not so much. 60% chance of Insomnia.

2 out of 5: You sleep, though not nearly as much as you want. The sleepless nights far surpass the well rested ones.

1 out of 5: If you are truly lucky, you get 1-2 nights of rest each week. Every night may seem endless and it seems to take a miracle for you to sleep peacefully through the night.

0 out of 5: Sleep is not something your used to. It's as though you haven't had a full nights rest in weeks or even months. You're a full blown insomniac that needs treatment ASAP!

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