6 Ways To Relieve Severe Migraine Headaches - Eradicate Them In A Natural Way!

Acute migraine headaches can be really debilitating and can result in people feeling very ill. Not everybody could have access to medications that can attack the headache and allow it to discontinue quickly. Thankfully though, there are alternative remedies that can be used as an effectual treatment for this type of headache. Here are just a few of the best remedies for severe headaches and migraines.

Ice Wraps -- If you go into a store, you will realize that there are numerous ice packs available that you can purchase and take home and put in your freezer. Whilst these are advantageous for treating severe migraine headaches, you do not have to go through the added cost of buying them. Why not? Because you can make them for free at home! Make your own icepack by putting ice cubes in a towel or plastic container and applying it to the neck. This unique at-home remedy is just as effective as obtaining the ice packs from a store.

Salt -- When a terrible migraine headache is in its early stages, consuming salt is a really effective way of reducing the pain. Try having salty snacks or a salty drink and you will start to feel the relief with this natural remedy.

Hot and Cold Shower -- Spend 5 minutes in a hot bath, then 5 minutes in a cold shower, and perform repeatedly the sequence for about 15-20 minutes. Your body will slowly start to feel the relief from the terrible migraine headache, and after about 20 minutes, your pain should be essentially fully gone.

Put on Peppermint Oil -- Drops of peppermint oil can be applied to the regions in the head where you actually feel the pain. In many cases, this may be the temple, neck or forehead. Just keep it a little distance from eyes, as they can easily become irritated. Remember that you are also able to inhale the aroma as well.

Scalp Deep massage -- Have a friend, spouse, or experienced masseuse give you a scalp massage in a dim quiet room. Not only will the massage help with soothing your migraine headache, but also the darkness in the room will stave off further pain which can be resulting from lights & sounds.

Herbal Tea -- Ginger, lemon and chamomile are fantastic compounds for herbal teas that can be consumed to help you tackle severe migraine headaches. These teas have relaxing characteristics that work well at relieving headache pain. Prepare a cup or two and drink it down if you feel the headache drawing near. (Careful! Some herbal teas could be a contributing factor to your migraine attacks!)

Severe migraine headaches can be tremendously painful and debilitating, as you well know. However, through the use of these natural migraine treatment options, the pain can be dealt with quickly, smoothly, and naturally! So, what's stopping you?

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